How to import a File from a URL into Google Cloud Storage

Do you need to quickly import a URL or video stream into Google Cloud Storage? Well, here at Sorcerer we have made it simple.

Do you need to quickly download a file or video stream from a URL and import it into Google Cloud Storage? Here at Sorcerer we have built a solution for you.

If you don't already have a bucket setup, quickly create one at the GCS dashboard.

Next, we want to create a role with limited permissions. Head over to the "IAM & Admin" list item and click on Roles near the middle of the sidebar. We want to create a role with the specific permissions that Sorcerer needs to properly transfer files.

Name the new role something you will remember such as "sorcerer-role". Additionally, make sure the 5 below permissions are attached to it.

The last step of integrating Google Cloud Storage with Sorcerer is creating a service account. Head over to the "Service Accounts" page on the IAM & Admin sidebar and click on the "Create Service Account" button.

Name the service account something simple like "sorcerer-service-account" and add a description.

Next, attach the role we created earlier and click on  "Add IAM Condition".

We want to limit Sorcerer's access only to the specific bucket we want to use.

  1. Select "Name" as the condition type
  2. Select "Starts with" as the operator
  3. Set the value to projects/_/buckets/yourbucket

After the service account is created, we have to create a private key.

  1. Click on the service account and in the actions cell, click on "Manage Keys"
  2. Click on the add key button and then create a new key
  3. Create a JSON private key
  4. Upload this JSON key into Sorcerer's connection creator

You are now set up to import files into GCS using Sorcerer!

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